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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Experimental Typography

This book's content includes the article 'Experimental Typography' by Peter Bilak along with my response. Bilak's voice and mine interact throughout the book and are distinguished by different size and weight of type. When we agree the text converges together, when we disagree the text separates, and on neutral issues the text is centrally aligned. I believe that there is such a thing as experimental typography and have chosen this opportunity to explore different personal experiments.


Friday, February 12, 2010

B&U Annual Report: Threaded Together

This is an annual report created in collaboration with Jenny Shaddach for our fictional fashion boutique, Buttons & Umbrellas. The title of the book “Threaded Together” represents how we envisioned our company in relationship to our customers, as a friendly tight-knit community of people who love fashion. The name of our store is derived from the story of how Jenny and I became friends and lead to us starting this company.