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Hello there! I'm a creative Detroit based graphic designer and graduate from the College for Creative Studies. Please enjoy this archive of design work, process, thoughts and experiences. If you want to further connect please email me at Thanks for viewing!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


24" x 24" poster
specific location flyers


These are promotional event materials for a street festival in Detroit's downtown Central Business District. After 5 is designed to be a community-building experience for the workers in this area and also a children's fundraising event for Angel Land Parents Institute.

vis com process

self-made typeface
initial formal sketches

vis com process book

after 5 process book

The Weight of a Line

Consertina bound, using mixed materials. The concept was to explore and study personal handwritten line and associate intimate character traits derived from line weight, texture, pattern, position and emotion.

Collage (quatro binding)

A cut and paste collage using a folding method called quatro. I've never done a free-form book collage before so this was definately an experiment, as with previous materials and processes classes it was very therapeutic... aka. getting myself away from the computer. It was also really great because I was introduced to letterpress for the first time, I couldn't stop touching the tiny metal type!

I'd like to be a balloon...

I took inspiration from one of my all-time favorie children's books, "Balloonia". This is a small hard-bound book in which I also wrote a small poem. The story is basically about this small girl who travels around the world by balloon and finds love.

15th century Spanish binding

hard binding


Using the words; frequency, pixel and play I created the concept of interacting with different types of people's unheard voice fragments. Combines audio, video and animation using Flash.

Interactive Playground

This project is essentially a navigation system which reveals more information the more you interact with it. It is also a playground for the user, you can interact with the illustrations, navigate the space and swing the clouds back and forth. This was a fun little project made in Flash.


This is a Flash project which explored an obsession, since I do not live on campus and commute everday I spend much of my time in my car driving and as seen here I very much enjoy the experience.

Compassion Bottles

I created four artifacts based around the words Apathy and Compassion in context of my neighborhood of study which was Cass Corridor, modernly known as Midtown. There is a high level of homelessness and hopelessness in the area. The Homeless BBQ is a community event created by Elevate Ministries which feeds, clothes and gives hope to the people in this area. This project uses a negative (apathetic) artifact that is seen frequently in the area (liquor in brown bags) and changes the connotation into a positive (compassionate) object - an event invitation and directions to the Homeless BBQ.